OMG! I just remebered! Last night I had to leave a party cause my heart was being an idiot and I was  walking behind two guys as I was walking to the spot where my dad was gonna pick me up. They didn’t know I was there behind them as one of them said “man, I really wanna take a dump right now” and he looked behind for people, but didn’t see me as I was sneaking myself up on his left side and said “Ha-ha I heard that!” He was like “oh shit, omg I was looking behind me that no girls were around” and I was like “but there was!” and he was like “yeah heh heh..”. And then we keept walking the same road for a few meters wihout saying a word, and just before parting I said “hey, we all gotta take dumps sometimes”, and he was like “yeah”. And then we parted and his friend was so drunk he stumbled over his own feet.


The look on his face when he saw me hearing him though, wow, it was superb.

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